With the advent of technology, music discovery platforms like Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify have sprung up easily connecting listeners to new music from diverse sounds.

Back then, radio stations used to subject listeners to a type of music/sound which was mostly based on ‘hype’ and the ‘numbers’ a certain musician commanded. However, today playlist curators have their finger on different songs (mainstream or unorthodox) as they arrange nuanced moods that cater to different music fans.

Some say today’s playlist curators are the ‘DJs of the future.’

Without further ado, here are notable playlists curated by Kenyan music enthusiasts.

1. Sweet n Sour

Curated by The Nest Collective team. Highlights different soundscapes both Kenyan and international. Available on Mixcloud

2. The Mapinduzi Jukebox

Curated by The Kenyan Renaissance and their team. Their playlist highlights different Kenyan songs arranged to put you in an array of feels. Check it out on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Music.

3. Slaylist

Curated by Chaxy Chacha and his team. The playlist highlights Kenyan music across different genres and sounds. Check it out on Apple Music, Deezer & Spotify. 

4. Anyiko’s Playlists

Curated by Anyiko Owoko. Highlights the finest Kenyan and African music across different genres from Hip-hop to RnB to Neo Soul to much more. Available on Boomplay Music and Apple Music

5. Out the Booth Playlist

Curated by Out the Booth Podcast. Highlights the finest Kenyan music. Available on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Castbox

6. Monday Grooves

Curated by Ochieng’ Odindo and his team. Highlighting refreshing Kenyan and African music to put you in a mood. Available on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

7. Friday Flows

Curated by an array of music enthusiasts from the Blankets & Wine Vault. Highlights the best Kenyan and international music to suit your different moods. Available on Apple Music

We hope you’ll discover both new and old sounds in the above playlists whether it’s on your way to work/school, on your lunch break or when you’re chilling with friends.

Musicians/music enthusiasts can contact the above curators to collaborate on featuring more music on their online pages.

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4 months ago

Finally! A chance to listen to new music!!

3 months ago

Thank you for this list! Now I have a diverse playlist list to choose from 🙏🏽