Today we feature the calm and positive Antony Wafula. Get to know more about this immensely talented artist

Tell us about yourself, sir.

My name is Antony Wafula. I’m a digital painter and illustrator who specializes in still life and portraits

So Antony, how long have you been practising your art?

I have been drawing since I was young, but I’ve been practising digital art for three years now.

How did you begin the digital art journey?

It started out of curiosity when I was painting using a mouse, but a few months in, I decided to save up for a tablet.

So, are you a self-taught artist or were you taught in school?

I am a self-taught artist

As a self-taught artist, how was the learning process?

It was hard when starting because I relied on YouTube tutorials and it wasn’t easy to find good instructors.

Now, how did you settle for the digital painting & illustration route?

I have always liked to draw and digital art was medium that I was interested in. Being a big fan of Anime and animated media also propelled me.

Ah, I see. Now, you said you’re an anime fan. So which is your favourite anime and which anime are you currently watching?

I’m currently watching Hajime No Ippo but I want to finish it fast so that I can watch the latest season of Baki The Grappler. Haha, it’s unfair to ask a favourite, I can’t choose. I prefer subs (English subtitled anime) to dubs (English dubbed anime)

You are a man of culture Antony. Tell us what it takes for you to create one of your art pieces (e.g software used, a certain ambience, amount of time taken etc)

I use a Wacom tablet and a laptop. After that, all I need is a comfortable place to sit and a chill playlist (Amapiano and soulful house music) on my earphones.

You have pretty simple needs. What influences you to create your art pieces?

Because I paint from reference, there are many factors that draw me to an image. it might be the lighting, colours, composition or just the subject itself. If it’s interesting, I will give it a go. Other times I just itch to draw something and at that time I will go out of my way to put something down.

So what ups and downs do you face practising your current discipline?

Most people seem to look down on digital art and undervalue the process. Sometimes I compare myself to other good artists works and it gets to my head to the point that I can’t draw. However, by relaxing and taking breaks, I psyche myself knowing it just part of the learning process. The highlight of it all is seeing the responses when I post the pieces. They are always encouraging and they really drive me.

What are some achievements you’ve made since practising your current discipline (any showpieces, exhibitions, sense of fulfilment & purpose…)?

I am yet to exhibit my pieces but I believe the future still has a lot in store for me.

With your work, it’s just a matter of time. What is the main goal you seek to achieve as a digital artist? 

My goal is to refine my style & process and grow my skill. With this, I will eventually become the best artist I could be while enjoying it.

As I conclude, in an alternate universe, where you’re not a digital artist, what would you be pursuing and why?

I like nature and life stories so I would be filming documentaries. I guess I enjoy listening to facts and knowing lots of stuff too. This has been one of my passions since I was young and hopefully, I will pursue it soon.

Finally, how can people reach you online?

I’m on Instagram @tonykyubi and Facebook Tony Kyubi

That’s all the time we had with Antony. Check out his socials and be amazed! 😲

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