Introducing our first caricature artist, Mr. Louis Alosa.

Tell us about yourself, sir.

My name is Louis Alosa. I’m a caricature artist based in Nairobi, Kenya

What is caricature art and how long have you been practising it?

Caricatures are just exaggerated features of a character (can be a human, an animal or non-living objects). I have been practising for 8 years.

So are you a self-taught artist or were you taught in school?

I am a self-taught artist.

Being a self-taught artist, how was the learning process?

I learned via online resources (ebooks and video tutorials). The learning process was gradual and still is cause am still learning.

The learning never stops Louis. How did you begin the digital art journey?

I started in 2012, think it was the time I first owned a laptop. I used to play a lot with Adobe Photoshop when I manipulated images in creative ways for fun. At some point, it felt boring so I decided to start drawing using a computer mouse. That time I still didn’t have a pen tablet. In 2015, I bought my first pen tablet (Wacom Intuos) from a friend (Calvin Ombogo)- he’s an amazing photographer. I currently still use the pen tablet.
In 2015 was when I started doing caricatures.

Then how did you settle for drawing caricatures?

Well, for a long time since childhood I have been in love with editorial cartoons. Some of my icons were Gado and KJ – John Kiarie (back when he used to do editorial cartoons and comedy).

Well, Gado’s caricatures are still remarkable. Tell us what it takes for you to create one of your art pieces.

For digital caricatures, I use a computer, a drawing pen tablet and drawing software (Adobe Photoshop or Auto desk Sketchbook Pro)

For live caricatures, I use a drawing board, plain papers, Crayola drawing pens and pastels for colouring.

What influences you to create your art pieces?

Well, I like observing people as I study their character. That’s what caricature requires for me to bring out people’s personality through the art.

OK, what ebbs do you experience in your creative process?

Sometimes it’s challenging working on commissions when I am unwell or not in the mood to draw.

With that said, what puts you in the mood to draw?

when am not in the mood I take a break by watching some sitcoms or interesting documentaries/TV shows.

How do you see the caricature scene in Kenya as a whole?

Caricature in Kenya is still growing. More Kenyans are learning about it.
Most Kenyans haven’t embraced it yet but they are slowly doing so.

Hopefully, more people will embrace it cause it’s a really witty art form. Have you had any collaborations with other caricature artists?

I haven’t work on a project with another caricature artist, but every year we normally participate in a challenge called Resolution. Here, we pick 31 famous people in Africa and we draw them in 31 days.

The challenge is organized by James Njoroge (Kaatony) and is open to everyone.

Apart from the connections with other artists, how has the Resolution challenge helped you grow as an artist?

It has helped me in improve how fast I execute my work.

What are some achievements you’ve made since practising caricature?

Last year I was invited to the Gandhi Art festival in India.
This year I was invited to the Global art festival in India.

Congratulations! What is the main goal you seek to achieve as a digital artist?

My goal is to be able to teach other people my skills.

I also wish to see caricature embraced more in Kenya and Africa. That will encourage the growth of caricature artists.

I do believe it will.
Finally, in an alternate universe, where you’re not a digital artist, what would you be pursuing and why?

I would be a nerd in tech world. It was my dream since early teens.

Haha, it’s never too late to be a nerd Louis. How can people reach you online?

People can reach me via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Our interview with Mr.Louis has ended.
Comment below if you’d like us to feature more caricature artists.. Gado maybe? 😏

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